Case study

Original Footwear is the largest contractual supplier of tactical footwear to the U.S. Armed Forces and its Altama combat boots have been worn in every major military conflict the United States has experienced since the Vietnam War. However, Altama had limited reach outside of its historical markets – including into the much larger consumer market – due to the company’s lack of marketing expertise and know-how. Kevin Cole, Founder and CEO, recognized his ability to address this and supercharge Original Footwear’s growth through selling a controlling interest in his company to partner with Brand Velocity Partners.

The BVP 50+ person marketing team immediately engaged to provide a deep understanding of the Altama brand through vast, methodical consumer insight research. The research reaffirmed that Altama’s authentic brand was globally recognized by armed forces and first responders for its generations of leadership in quality, durability, and functionality. For those existing customers there was a 95% repurchase intent (brand loyalty higher than any other competitive brand including Nike, Under Armor, and Danner). However, outside of its highly loyal base of those whose lives had been safeguarded by Altama footwear, the company’s brand awareness stood at 8%. This visibility created a clear path for BVP, in partnership with the company, to craft a strategic marketing plan – including a multi-media creative campaign, key celebrity influencers, and something else – to supercharge Original Footwear’s growth.

Kevin Cole | Founder & CEO, Original Footwear | Footwear Insight Interview

Providing the best boots available to those who protect, serve, and defend.

Original Footwear is a leading designer and manufacturer of boots and other footwear for the military, law enforcement, EMT, and consumer markets. The company sells its products under the Altama (military and consumer), Original SWAT (law enforcement, EMT, and consumer), and Smith & Wesson (security) brand names, as well as private label.

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